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Find and compare seeds from your favorite heirloom, organic and open-pollinated seed vendors.

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All of the seed companies in this index have made the decision not to carry GMO seeds and to support sustainable seed saving and breeding practices. If the seed is known to be organic, it is designated by (OG) after the name. If the plant is a hybrid variety, this is designated with (F1). Although attempts have been made to account for slight variations in variety names, keep in mind that sometimes different vendors use slightly different names for the same variety.

Pick A Packet crawls each vendor's site regularly to find the varieties available as well as the current price. For most accurate results, always visit the vendor's web site. Prices are merely one method of comparison and packet sizes vary. You should also be interested in the adaptability of the seed to your growing zone and conditions, the germination rates and your own luck and success with a particular vendor.

Disclaimer: I have no relationship with any of these vendors other than as a satisfied customer of some of them. The site receives no compensation for linking to a particular vendor. My goal is to encourage more people to support these vendors and show the diversity of options available today for backyard gardening.