Image of Corn (Popping)

Corn (Popping)

The date after each entry indicates the last time the information was gathered. (OG) indicates organic, (F1) indicates hybrid. Links will open in a separate tab/window for each vendor to make shopping easy.


Territorial Seeds - packet $3.35 (9/19/2021)

Creme Puff

Reimer Seeds - packet $3.50 (9/20/2021)

Dakota Black

Baker Creek - packet $4.00 (9/19/2021)
Territorial Seeds - packet $3.95 (9/19/2021)

Dakota Black (OG)

High Mowing Seeds - packet $5.00 (9/21/2021)


Territorial Seeds - packet $3.35 (9/19/2021)

Japanese Hulless White

Reimer Seeds - packet $3.50 (9/20/2021)

Mini Blue

Baker Creek - packet $4.25 (9/19/2021)

Miniature Colored Seed

Johnny's Selected Seeds - packet $4.75 (9/18/2021)

Snow Puff

Reimer Seeds - packet $3.50 (9/20/2021)


Baker Creek - packet $3.50 (9/19/2021)

Tom Thumb (OG)

High Mowing Seeds - packet $4.70 (9/21/2021)

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the seed companies listed here other than as a satisfied customer. Prices are for comparison only and although they are updated fairly regularly, you should always visit the vendor's site directly to confirm accuracy and availability. In addition, packet sizes vary from vendor to vendor as well as quality and germination rates, so price is not always an accurate determination of value. All of these vendors deserve your support, so please spread the love around when you are ordering seeds and don't be afraid to experiment with at least some varieties and vendors each year.